Rogue's Labyrinth

First and foremost, Rogue's Labyrinth is a strategy game, not a stealth game. There are seven levels total, and each exit is protected by the number of doors equal to the level it is on. When they die, the guardians drop the keys to these doors.

- Numpad, number keys, arrow keys, and vi keys are supported for movement. There are no other controls.
- The guardians get an extra move every five moves, but they can't take diagonals. Don't try running down long corridors with one on your tail.
- You can't hurt the guardians directly, but they will attack and kill each other on sight (as long as you don't distract them).
- Try jumping over the guardians (run into them if they're on the tile next to you)--if you succeed, they will be confused for a turn.
- If you've got a guardian on your tail and another one just ahead, you may want to jump over the one behind you and get some breathing space.
- If you manage to get more than ten spaces ahead of a guardian, he'll lose your trail and stop following you.
- If you're running down a long hallway and a guardian is about to catch you, trying jumping over him to confuse him and get some breathing space.

The game isn't focused on item and monster/player interaction as much as it is on figuring out the (many) strategies you need to beat the Rogue's Labrynth. Good luck!

Enter the Labyrinth